In 2015 we created Sonidos Aethernos to offer regenerative experiences from the use of overtone-emitting instruments, meditation and yoga.

Tibetan Bowls, Gong, Quartz Bowls, Didgeridoo, Overtone Singing and other instruments blend to asanas and meditation to create an restorative experience of deep relaxation.

Some of the benefits of our sessions are increased receptivity, greater mental clarity, decreased cortisol, increased happiness hormone (DHEA), increased melatonin and serotonin, physical blockages and new neuronal connections that stimulate creativity.

Ignacio (1976)

Philosophy and Letters in Buenos Aires
Music in Florence
Yoga, Vedic Chant, Mindfulness and Emotional Inteligence in Barcelona
I have traveled through more than 30 countries around the world
I lived in London (UK) and Florence (Italy), currently residing in Barcelona
I am a multi-instrument musician, among the most outstanding are: overtone singing, Himalayan singing bowls, Crystal bowls, Gong, Australian didgeridoo, and different types of percussions.


Michela (1980)

“Inspired by love, creativity and Flow. I am passionate about flow arts, Yoga, Healing and all related arts with the development of the Body, Mind and Spirit. For me this research into the best state of Mind body and spirit has become a woven part of my being and captivated me beyond belief. My love for hooping, yoga and spiritual practices runs deep; I feel my practices rejuvenate my body, calms my mind and it’s at the very core of who I am. I am committed to inspire you to experience your true self thanks to the practices I propose.. I create tools and classes that give you the opportunity to express, feel and guide you toward your authentic self, until I see you applying that knowledge in the world. I honour that courage in you. I am committed to giving you the best possible customer experience, tools, ideas, inspiration, and support that you might need along the way.”

My Path

I studied Art in Sardinia, I specialized in Dance and FlowArt practices, where I created a community of mainly women, and I carry out international meetings, classes, women’s circles and ceremonies, mainly between England and Spain. I was certified as a Thai Massage Therapist in Thailand and a Reiki Master in Spain. I teach Yoga to all ages, from children in public schools in Barcelona to the elderly in activity centers set up by the municipality of Barcelona, ​​but also in private centers. I completed an Integral Yoga training for children and adolescents, and a 3-year training of Hatha Vinyasa and Yoga Therapy, for a total of 650 hours as an instructor, which allowed me to experience the change within myself in every aspect of Yoga. I am passionate about Plants and its curative effects, I have studied and continue to do it self-taught, and with the Calarighe schools, by Gian Paolo Demartis and the Accademia delle Janas by Claudia Zedda both based in Sardinia, I highly honor the research work of both, done in Sardina, the land were I was born.

Together with Ignacio, my partner Maxja, I founded an annual Gathering, a Holistic festival, which aims to bring all the healing practices we have experienced in the past together, be they ancestral or contemporary. Always together with Ignacio, we carry out group sessions of Sound Baths with harmonic instruments such as: Gong, Tibetan bells, Quartz bells, Yidaki (didgeridoo), harmonic singing and other shamanic instruments. I am currently specializing in Shamanic Healing, Yin Yoga and Mindfulness.