Individual sessions

In each individual session mode, different aromas with essential oils will be combined to create a harmonic environment that will allow the recipient to increase the effectiveness of the treatment.



The combination of Tibetan Bowls and Quartz Bowls will create a sound sphere that will envelop the recipient by bringing it into a state of deep relaxation. Once there, some Tibetan Bowls will be applied to different parts of the body to give an even more profound vibroacoustic massage to the body through a sonic entrainment. It will be a refreshing experience. Ideal for eliminating stress and minor discomforts of the body.

Duration 75 minutes.

Price 25 euros


The beauty of a Symphonic Gong is added to the harmonious and vibroacoustic richness of the Tibetan Bowls and Quartz Bowls. Its deep frequencies, rich in harmonics, give us a range of textures that will allow our mind to reach states of deep sleep. This level of brain activity is associated with deep healing and regeneration. It will be a process of great healing. Ideal to dissolve all kinds of emotional and physical tensions.

Duration 75 minutes.

Price 35 euros


Tibetan Bowls, Quartz Bowls and Gong will create the right environment for absolute body relaxation and it will be the Didgeridoo who brings to mind, through his low frequency, a deep meditation of re connection. Its sonority allows us to reach the optimum range for visualization, mental programming and the use of the creative power of the mind. New realities will be created. Ideal to stimulate our immune system, resolve conflicts and create new patterns.

Duration 75 minutes.

Price 45 euros

All individual sessions will have a Crystal Quartz Gift

Home sessions are held.


Group sessions

Group sessions are a time of great relaxation. A place where we meet again with the most intimate that we have, and that is the experience of the here and now. A harmonic frequency bath that will reach all corners of our body and take our mind to a deep relaxation. It will be a very intense experience accompanied by the sounds of Tibetan Bowls, Quartz Bowls, Gongs, Australian Didgeridoo and Koshi.

Duration 90 minutes

Price 13 euros per person

Minimum 10 people.

Harmonic Instruments Workshop

The mission of this workshop is to expand the benefits of sound therapy, meditation or simple relaxation. We will talk about the history of each harmonic instrument, as well as the scientific and spiritual foundations of practice. The different dynamics will help each participant to relax and transmit through the instruments said relaxation. We will teach the specific techniques of each instrument and together, through listening, we will create a first sound bath. Duration 120 minutes.

Price 80 euros per person

Maximum 12 participants.