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From April 10 to April 13, 2020

Following our vision of offering regenerative and transformative experiences, we will be in a magical place in Sardinia.

In this magical place surrounded by nature, in a suggestive park overlooking the sea, the seminar includes: the first day we will learn to build the sweat lodge (temazcal or Inipi) and we will experience it together to start the seminar with a deep cleaning, the next day will be the day dedicated to shamanic breathing, a breathing technique that derives from holotropic techniques, rebirthing and shamanic techniques that will help us to free blocks and traumas of the past thus making us feel freer, during the last day we will learn about the use of the sound of Himalayan singing bowls as a means of healing and relaxation, ending with a Sound Bath meditation with the sounds of Gong, didgeridoo, quartz bowls, overtone singing and other overtone-emitting instruments.

In addition, every day, we will start with yoga and meditation to focus on the present moment and start the day in total presence.

At night we will enjoy the chanting of mantras, listen to the silence or watch the wonderful sky on this natural environment near the sea.

Here we leave you more information on each technique we are going to explore:


The Sweat Lodge is among the most ancient and sacred ceremonies for many Native peoples.

The tradition I follow comes from North America and was passed on to me by my teacher and friend Manitonquat, Medicine Story of the Wampanoag Nation, east coast of the United States.

The Sweat Lodge, also called, Temazcal or Inipi depending on the tradition from which it comes, is a purification ceremony for body and spirit.

In the Sweat Lodge we turn to the spirits of the four directions to receive healing for us and our relationships, our family, our friends, Mother Earth and all her children.

In the Sweat Lodge we enter into deep connection with our Spirit and the Spirit of every living thing. We find what we have lost in the confusion of this world, our reality, our path, our relationships. The Sweat Lodge becomes the womb of Mother Earth in which we find the meaning of our life, to be able to continue living in joy, peace, harmony and respect for everything and the Whole.

The Sweat Lodge is divided into four parts, called doors, each dedicated to a different direction-power-spirit. We receive healing through the power of the four elements: Fire, Earth, Water and Air. In each round, or Door, we will pray for the healing of the body, heart, mind and connection with the Spirit. The prayers will be accompanied by songs, by the sound of the drum and the rattle.


In the actual ceremony, all the participants collaborate in the construction of the sweat lodge, both in the assembly, collecting the firewood, assisting in the previous part, bringing the water; magically, everyone knows as if they always knew how they should or can collaborate, participate.

At the Sweat Lodge, the cabin is round, built with 16 vertical branches, preferably of willow or eucalyptus, which are tied together to form two crosses of four equal directions. The four rows of branches surrounding the hut symbolize the four worlds, the mineral, the vegetable, the animal and the human; in turn the physical, mental, spiritual and sacred world.

On the intertwined branches a rod is placed which performs a special function, it is that which is intertwined in the ceiling with the 16 vertical branches, forming an eight-point star representing the planets and the universe. Thus, the Inipi represents the whole creation and sacred womb of our Mother Earth. The structure of the branches already built is covered with blankets or canvas skins or leaves.

On the floor, right in the center, there is a hole, a well that represents the navel of Mother Earth, in which porous stones, generally hot-heated volcanic stones, are deposited, on which the shaman pours water alone or with infusions of medicinal herbs, producing abundant steam and causing sweating, with the aim of cleaning the body and soul of the participants.


Breath leads us on a journey within ourselves, beyond the limits of the mind, in contact with our Soul. Through Shamanic Breath we enter a non-ordinary state of consciousness in which we can tap into our self-healing power; we enter an inner dimension, our Soul, in which infinite realities and possibilities open up.

A real Journey of Consciousness in which we can clearly see in ourselves, heal old wounds, transform negative mental patterns and limiting thoughts. We access a higher level of awareness, from which we can draw new understandings to live a freer and happier life, in contact with our deepest truth.

We come back from the journey freer, lighter, and more aware. We reconnect deeply with ourselves and with our soul, to rediscover our innate joie de vivre, to perceive all the beauty that surrounds us, to love and to let ourselves be loved.

The journey consists of circular breathing, accompanied by music, in which ancient healing practices are integrated with new techniques such as Rebirthing and Holotropic Breathing. The circles of sharing, before and after the trips, will help us prepare and integrate the experience in the best possible way, in a protected and safe environment, in a dimension of mutual closeness, listening, hospitality.


In this laboratory we will study the applications and benefits of using Himalayan singing bowls, based on learning and practicing the main playing techniques.

We will look at many aspects of sound, learn the frequencies and how they affect the body, how to offer a healing experience and how to combine the use of Himalayan singing bowls with other instruments to create a Sound Bath.

We will also see how each instrument instrument is associated with a specific element (earth, water, air and fire) based on their composition and the sound they emit.

The goal is to make the Tibetan bell ring through our hearts and thus awaken our inner Master, making our co-creative ability aware.

Enjoying the gift that these tools offer us, we will enter a state of presence and reconnection, of peace and wellbeing which are the fruits of conscious meditation.

After the Tibetan bells workshop we will enter a Sound Bath.

The Sound Bath is a sound immersion practice and includes three different moments.

Breathing, we will practice a specific breathing technique to prepare our mind for this inner journey and reach higher states of consciousness and a deeper state of meditation;
Sound, we will play the purest sound vibrations of all our variety of harmonic emission instruments, including Gong, Tibetan bells, quartz bells, didgeridoo, harmonic singing and more. The group will be surrounded by different frequencies, feeling in a state of placidity and relaxation; Integration, an opportunity to share reflections, thoughts, feelings and poetics on our individual experiences.


With this Hatha yoga, you move your body slowly and deliberately in different poses that challenge your strength and flexibility, while at the same time focusing on relaxation and awareness. Hatha yoga places particular emphasis on controlled breathing and posture. Building basic strength, which is the key to good posture, is another important aspect of this type of yoga.

Vinyasa is an approach to yoga where you move from one pose directly to the next. There is a flow towards a Vinyasa yoga session, although the specific poses and rhythm of the flow may vary. This transition coordinates with your breathing. It is done specifically when you exhale or breathe in and it gives you the feeling that your breath is moving your body.

In Michela’s session we can experience both of these techniques together since she always starts with a breathing exercise to connect to the present moments and then switches to the Asana – Postures to warm up, then switch to a more dynamic Vinyasa and end up with more Asanas incurred for stretching the body – after the balance and the inversion will guide the group again towards a more complete pranayama – awareness of one’s breath, ending with a posture lying on the mat that maintains the balance between relaxation and meditation.



Luca combines the spirituality of the east with the traditions of Native Americans. After traveling to India in the company of the Sadhu, itinerant monks, he met Osho, becoming his disciple. He continued to travel east, then back to Central America, returning to his first love: shamanism, traveling above all to Mexico where he approached the traditions of Native Americans, the Plants of Power and entheogenesis.

He then continued his training on Breath techniques, first with Stan Grof and subsequently with Leonard Orr. Since the 90s he has followed and collaborated with Medicine Story-Manitonquat, bringing his message to Italy and the rest of Europe. He conducts Sweat Lodge, Meditation Retreats in the Dark and Breath-work seminars. In his teachings one can perceive deep love for Mother Earth and a tangible harmony between the traditions of Native Americans and the wisdom of Eastern spirituality.


After a trip around the world, my vision of the relationship between body, mind and spirit has been enriched by new stimuli and discoveries.

I begin, therefore, an inner work in which I develop new dimensions of myself, starting from work in different disciplines.

At the same time, I feel the need to be able to better understand and help others connect with the emotions that work from the body.

Teaching Yoga for me is a privilege, a gift of life, I cannot describe the extent to which it fills me and makes me happy. Helping, guiding or accompanying people to feel better is a blessing for me, so I can only express my gratitude from the bottom of my heart.


From an early age I was attracted to the different sensations that sound and music produced in me.

They took me to explore new places and stimulated my imagination.

Over the years, studying and practicing different instruments, I discovered the transformative power of sound.

My travels around the world have given me the opportunity to get in touch with different cultures and religions, and that’s how I started to meditate. From there a new journey began, a journey into the inner universe that we all possess.

A great transformation of clarity, well-being and abundance was born in me, and it is what I share in all my sessions.


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